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How to wash your laundry with natural ingredients

How to wash your laundry with natural ingredients

As you surely know by now, the main benefit of organic cotton is the absence of harsh chemicals and toxins that cause itchy skin or many other health problems. But do you know how to keep your organic cotton – organic?


Since fabric softeners are designed to stay in your clothes for extended periods of time, such chemicals can seep out gradually and be inhaled or absorbed directly through the skin. Liquid fabric softeners are slightly preferable to dryer sheets, as the chemicals in dryer sheets get released into the air when they are heated up in the dryer and can pose a respiratory health risk to those both inside and outside the home.


To avoid this, here are some recipes to keep your laundry fresh smelling, soft, and most importantly chemical free.


Let’s start with laundry detergent, it’s easier to make than you might think. Mix 6 cups of washing soda, one tablespoon of salt, 3 bars of natural unscented soap (finely grated) and 100 drops of essential oil (for fresh smelling laundry use lemon oil, lavender oil, orange oil, teatree oil for disinfection or mix different oils to make your signature scent). Keep the mixture in a glass container and add 3 tablespoons of your homemade laundry detergent per load. If you are washing in cold water, dissolve it in hot water before adding it in.

Another great bonus is that by making your own laundry detergent, you reduce plastic waste from single use plastic used for packaging.


The next step is to replace fabric softener – just use white vinegar. Easy as that. If you are worried about the smell, don’t be. After washing your clothes will smell fresh and clean, and they will be incredibly soft.


For the final step – drying, we also have tips & tricks. If possible, avoid dryers and let your laundry air dry. If you are a fan of using the dryer, the best tip is to add a wool ball in the load. The wool will additionally soften the fabrics and reduce static electricity.


Using this easy, but efficient methods you will live a healthier lifestyle and your clothes will stay organic and live longer.

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