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Feel the speed

Feel the speed

With much pride and happiness, we can finally reveal the new lunilou sport collection we have been working on for so long. While it follows all of our beliefs and guidelines to go with the well-known lunilou philosophy, it is at the same time completely different from any previous collection of ours.


First and foremost, every piece is as usually made from the finest GOTS certified organic cotton.

The lunilou sport collection features new and improved padded sweaters and co-ord trainers, in new colors to complete your spring outfit. The oversized embroidery sweaters and oversized trainers are made from brushed organic cotton, while the stylish zipped hoodies and flared pants give 90s vibes. The organic cotton shorts are made for warm days and since all the pieces come in the same color palette, it gives you the chance to mix and match your favourite style.


And for the end we saved something special – the lunilou limited edition oversized sweater planet earth in black color with a bold print to raise awareness of sustainable living.

With lunilou sport you no longer have to choose between looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Whether you are working out or running errands, the sport collection gives you freedom of movement while looking your best and giving your contribution to the environment.


Looking back to how it all started with an idea to give parents the opportunity to buy clothes for their children made from 100% organic cotton, we are overwhelmed by your support that allowed us to introduce our biggest ever women collection.



With the editorial for this collection, we made a step out of our comfort zone and prepared something completely different. We chose the beautiful location of Automotodrom Grobnik racetrack as a symbol for strength and courage, as nowadays to save the planet we need to be brave and fight for our goal to protect the planet.


Special thanks to:

Photo: Irina and Matej Florschutz

Location: Automotodrom Grobnik

Models: Izabel Kovačić and Ivana Vukušić

Hair: Teuta Hair Salon

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