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Oldschoolish by Lunilou

Oldschoolish by Lunilou

The time of comfortable clothes is our past, present and as things stand, future. But what makes the difference is comfortable clothing made exclusively from organic materials and clothing not treated with harmful chemical processes.

It is this fact that makes the difference between the most famous Croatian eco friendly brand lunilou and everyone else.

With the latest collections, this innovative young team slowly but surely entered the adult clothing market and with the teddy collection absolutely delighted all trendsetters who spent the winter in the most comfortable and softest lunilou products.

"Creating clothes for adults is a particularly challenging endeavor for us. Since we do not want to give up our sustainable approach to fashion, it is important for us to make a product that will not be seasonal but will be wearable from year to year. We achieve this by devoting a lot of care and attention to the comfort of the material because what is important to our customers is the comfort of the material and the comfortable fit of the final product. ”said Ivana Čirjak.

Just before spring lunilo team decided to further expand their rich offer with a garment that can never bore us. Tracksuits made of 100% organic cotton will become an unavoidable piece that you will wear constantly and constantly.

The super durable material withstands constant washing and remains super soft and compact. Lunilou team went a step further and made two designs of these beautiful tracksuits so everyone could find a style for themselves.

"The design and quality of the materials are the most important to us when planning a new collection. When choosing the material for this collection, it was important for us to find a material that will preserve its original softness and shape even after many washes, because these are the problems that customers most often address. We are happy that this time we managed to find and design exactly what we wanted and what our loyal customers want. "Izabel Kovačić explained to us

The oversized tracksuit will be perfect for those relaxed walks in the woods and for casual trips to the city, while the fashion tracksuit with padded shoulders will become an it piece for those who like their relaxed look to spice it up.

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