High-quality children’s footwear is the primary protection you need to provide to your child.

Young children’s foot is very soft and flexible. Any irregular pressure may cause permanent damage. Did you know that children’s feet grow rapidly during the first year of life, reaching at the end of the first year almost half the size of which will have as an adult?

When your child goes outside and take steps in unpredictable environment, children’s feet should be protected by a light, pliable shoes made of natural materials.

We predicted that, so all lunilou moccasins are high-quality and chrome-free leather shoes dyed only with natural colors.

lunilou moccasins’ soft structure and breathable leather don’t have hard soles and accessories that may annoy children in their comfortable journey. Moccasins allow the child to feel the floor beneath them. This way they can experience natural freedom and learn more about their balance and movement.

We strive to use the best quality and the eco-friendliest materials when creating our moccasins. If you want the safest and the most comfortable walking environment for your child, take a look at our webshop and put a smile on his or her face!