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We can save our oceans together

We can save our oceans together

Our oceans are beautiful, magical, natural, incredible… when they’re clean and blue, but they’re, unfortunately, full of plastic and trash. It’s unbelievable that we pollute it.

Global sea pollution is one of the biggest problems in modern society. Too often we forget about the bad influence use of plastics in our lives.

Plastic that ends up as ocean debris contribute to habitat destruction and kill tens of thousands of marine animals each year.

A plastic bag can break down in 20 years, while plastic straws and bottles might take up to 200 to 450 years to decompose.

Lunilou doesn’t want to be blind to such facts. We always care

It’s never too late, so we decided to make a whole swimwear collection of recycled multifilament polyamide, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon and 100% NILIT® Ecocare recycled nylon 6.6

 with UPF 50+.

That’s our way of turning waste problems into fashion solutions! Not only for your kiddos, but for you as well!

Thanks to the innovative production method, Lunilou swimwear materials are super resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils.

Besides, our swimwear is bacteriostatic, hydrophilic, soft and extra comfy.

How do you like it?

We’re creating beautiful stories as long as we stay #lunilounited.

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