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Sustainable gift wrapping and how a small thing can change a world

Sustainable gift wrapping and how a small thing can change a world

The wrapping paper we use over the festive season is enough to wrap the world in paper almost four times.

Ok let’s just sit on this for a while…

How can we just ignore a fact that our behaviour is making the world we live in sick!

Is it time that we just wake up and realize how a small change can make a big difference?

Big little things are something we all can do …starting from ourselves we can make a greater impact on others.

Each year a staggering 5 billion dollars’ worth of gift wrap is tossed in the trash. Growing unease about waste has some people rethinking wrapping paper.

Some of our favourite green trend in gift wrapping is furoshiki …the Japanese art of wrapping with fabric.  Forget about overpriced and non eco friendly wrapping paper. Use a furoshiki wrapping cloth as a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative.

Since, the Japanese have mastered the art of doling fabric to transport and wrap items. This has evolved into a popular practice in cultures around the world as a versatile, environmentally-friendly way to carry bottles, food, and everyday necessities, and has also become a modern alternative to holiday gift-wrapping.

We also have our suggestion for this technique ….

This soft swaddle is made of 100% organic cotton and can be used in a various way… we prefer it as a summer blanket, snuggle blankie , stroller cover or nurising veil but its use has no boundaries.

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