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Our planet is fantastic, so please no more plastic

Our planet is fantastic, so please no more plastic

We proudly present our newest collaboration with Croatia's famous street food restaurant Good Food.

Recently Good Food made a step towards a greener future and decided to go plastic free and use recycled materials for packaging. To celebrate this important move, we were asked to design hoodies from our soft organic cotton with the slogan „Our planet is fantastic, so please no more plastic“.


Currently more than 120 million tons of plastic are in our oceans and seas, and as we know it takes thousands of years for plastic to break down. Microplastic can be found in food, so it is good to know that Good Food is always looking for fresh and healthy ingredients. Since we have the same values about loving our planet, this collaboration was delightful.

Everyone’s favourite piece of clothing - the hoodie, comes in two lunilou signature colors – Indian tan and Covert green. The whole process, from design to the finished product was made together with the Good Food team.


Little by little we can see the impact of educating others around us about the importance of keeping the planet green. Once we unite in our love for the planet great things can happen. The solution is to ban single use plastic and find sustainable alternatives, just like Good Food did.


You can support this amazing company by purchasing the hoodies in Good Food, Palmotićeva 2, Zagreb, Croatia.


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