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"Manina, the girl in the bikini"

"Manina, the girl in the bikini"

Take a peek at Lunilou's swimsuit world inspired by one of the most beautiful women in the world, Brigitte Bardot and her film "The girl in the bikini"

Summer is beautiful, magical and amazing .... similar to love. It was love from the movie The girl in the bikini that was the inspiration for the new lunilou swimsuit campaign. As always, the photographer, to whom the lunilou team has been loyal for years, Sanja Jagatić, is responsible for the beautiful photos, while the modern Brigitte Bardot was found in the model Karla Kirschner.

"Our swimsuits are designed for women. Be it mom, grandma, girlfriend, girlfriend…. We wanted to make a swimsuit collection in which just about every woman will feel comfortable regardless of age and body shape. We followed some trends, such as the high waist of swimming trunks and soft baskets at the upper parts for better breast support. The whole collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of our favorite actress Brigitte Bardot, who was the embodiment of the woman we imagine in our swimsuits" explained the owner of the brand Izabel Kovačić and added "As far as colors are concerned, classic black and summer azure blue are main colors this year. Although we may have moved away from our typical colors what we didn’t compromise on is the material for the entire collection. And this time it is recycled polyamide that we use to make sure that this collection is good for you and the world around you."

The Lunilou family brand was created as a personal need and search for materials that are natural and gentle to our skin. At the same time, sisters Ivana and Izabel are building a much larger and more complex story, that of environmental awareness. Since 2015, they have been diligently creating their recognizable brand. Quality organic materials that, in accordance with a detailed design, create an opportunity for fashion sustainability that they promote through the vision of their brand. Global marine pollution is one of the biggest problems of today’s modern society where we all too often forget how harmful the use of plastic is for our lives and the lives of our children. Plastic that ends up as garbage in the sea contributes to the total destruction of the environment and kills tens of thousands of animals every year. A plastic bag takes 20 years to break down while plastic straws and bottles take 200 to 450 years.

"Lunilou does not want to turn his head in the face of such facts and problems. We have been caring for several years and we are constantly looking for eco solutions that can offer our customers. That is why we have decided to make this year's collection of swimwear entirely from recycled polyamide, made from ECONYL® and 100% NILIT® Ecocare recycled nylon 6.6 with UPF 50+. Thanks to the innovative production method of Lunilou, swimsuits are extremely resistant to chlorine and sunscreen stains and are also bacteriostatic - they prevent the development of bacteria, are soft and super comfortable." said Ivana Čirjak

The new summer swimsuit collection is available at, and with every swimsuit you buy, you also receive a 100% organic cotton vanity case as a gift. You can see all lunilou products in a beautiful showroom located at Ilica 26 in the center of Zagreb.

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