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Cosy days, warm nights

Cosy days, warm nights

Surround your little ones with all over comfort and softness with our new kids underwear and pyjama collection. Made from 100% organic cotton, gentle to delicate children skin. Nowadays we have methods to produce organic cotton, that lessen the impact on our environment. Compared to other materials on the market, organic cotton does not have a harsh manufacturing process. This benefits not only our skin, but furthermore our planet. Organic cotton production uses significantly less water and energy. As for the impact on our skin, it is important to point out that organic cotton is hypoallergenic, and what more could you wish for in kids underwear and pyjamas.

Rib body long sleeve off white


As adults it is our responsibility to create a better life and better living, for us and for our children. We must set an example and raise future generations with unconditional love for our planet.

Rib pajama unisex stripes silver blue/iced latte

The kids Underwear & PJ’s collection includes pyjamas, made from the softest GOTS certified organic ribbed cotton. Long sleeves ensure warm nights, and our bestselling olive pattern and stripes ensure cuteness. 

Rib body long sleeve iced latte/chocolat


What we put on our children’s skin is as important as the food we give them. Underwear is something that goes directly on the skin, thus it is important to use only the finest garments that allow the skin to breathe.

Boys boxershorts stripes sand/off white duopack


The super practical duo packs of panties, boxer shorts and tank tops are also a part of our new collection. Perfect for layering in cold winter days, as a base for every outfit.

And last but not least, another lunilou bestseller piece – onesies. Long sleeved and with practical buttoning, style it as part of a cute and fashionable outfit or layer it as underwear. Either way your toddler will be safe and cosy.

We hope you will enjoy the collection and stay tuned for the rest of our winter collection.

Rib body long sleeve chocolat


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