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Comfort from day one

Comfort from day one

Can you imagine anything more precious than soft baby skin? From the first moments as parents of a newborn all we want is to keep our baby safe and protected. This was our inspiration for the Lunilou Newborn edition. Made from 100% organic cotton, we stayed true to our style with Lunilou signature neutral colors and adorable patterns. In addition to the bestseller, olive pattern, we searched for inspiration in nature and designed two new patterns – fig and acorn. 

 Newborn body short sleeves Figs


Tailored from the finest fabrics for a gentle touch, to ensure the right fit and comfort from day one, sizing starts at size 50. Each model of the collection is designed to help both mommies and babies.

The newborn collection features onesies, pyjamas, pants and adorable accessories to complete the look of your little fashionista, like cute mittens that are a must-have for every newborn. The mittens can also be found sewn in one the sleeves  of onesies and pyjamas, which is very practical. 

Newborn pyjama Acorn


Due to the usage of harsh chemicals used in the mass productions of textiles, babies skin often gets allergic reactions and in order to avoid it, we do not compromise when it comes to materials. Every piece from this collection is entirely made from 100% soft organic cotton, GOTS certified.


Newborn tights with slippers chocolat


To us, eco-friendly means not only to design this collection in a sustainable way, it stands for our pursuit to create more sustainable fashion and, after all, a more sustainable living. Thus the collection is made for newborn babies it can be seen as a „rebirth“ or the start of a new generation that will implement sustainability and eco awareness in their life from the first days of life and grow with it. A better life for a better planet. We care what you wear.

Newborn pyjama Figs


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